DBZ Values

We are purpose driven and guided by the following values:

  • Innovation
  • Customer Focus
  • Diligence
  • Recognition
  • Integrity
  • Team work
  • Effectiveness

About DBZ

The Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) was established in 1972 pursuant to section 3 of the DBZ Act Chapter 363 of the Laws of Zambia as a joint venture between the Government, Public Sector Financial Institutions, the local private sector and foreign institutions. We are committed to tackling poor and costly access to capital for investment and removing micro-level structural rigidities that hinder public and private investment growth, productivity, wealth, and employment creation.

We endeavor to develop Zambia and empower its citizens by providing short, medium and long term financing and technical assistance to our clients. Our objective is to be the leading authority in development finance in Zambia.

DBZ Operational Focus

  • Supporting investment in both the public and private sector to galvanize growth, productivity, employment, wealth creation and broad based citizen’s economic empowerment;
  • Supporting infrastructure financing to catalyze economic activity and improve service delivery;
  • Proactively providing technical support in terms of policy advocacy and advice to government and other stakeholders

We believe in influencing the environment for access to finance for development by offering innovative tailor made financing solutions, advisory and technical support to viable local enterprises.

we provide capital and other resources for investment in various sectors

Our Value Proposition

We are a dependable development finance institution, regulated by the Bank of Zambia, supervised by the Ministry of Finance, and mandated by the Government of the Republic of Zambia to provide financial and non-financial solutions to enhance economic growth in the country.

  • Geographical CoverageWe offer services to projects across the entire country in various sectors of the economy, regardless of geographical location.
  • Personalized ServicesWe endeavor to fully understand our client needs in order to offer a superior customer experience through customized service and advice.
  • Project ImplementationThe Bank will be a project implementation partner for government for social infrastructure projects to help deliver selected projects on-time and on budget.
  • Technical AssistanceBuilding entrepreneurial, institutional, knowledge, technical and managerial capacity to broaden and deepen the impact of development finance;
  • Excellence in Regulatory ComplianceCommitment to excellence in regulatory compliance is of utmost importance to us. This ensures the highest levels of transparency and security in our operations for the ultimate benefit of our clients.
  • PricingWe are knowledgeable, responsive and committed to delivering competitively priced products, while consistently demonstrating our focus on Zambia’s economic growth
  • Development NetworkingInitiating, mobilizing and coordinating public, private and community efforts to ensure a programmatic approach to development solutions for environmentally and socially sustainable development outcomes.
  • Development FinanceContributing to economic growth, wealth creation, employment generation and improved service delivery through Apex lending to PFIs for micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), direct financing of SMEs, large corporates, infrastructure and fixed capital formation;

Our Mandate

We are mandated, under Section 12 (1) of the DBZ Act Chapter 363 to, among other things:

  • Make available long, medium and short term finance and equity investment for economic development;
  • Provide technical assistance and advisory services for the purpose of promoting economic development;
  • Assist in obtaining and placing foreign investment for the purpose of promoting economic development;
  • Administer on such terms and conditions as may be approved by the Board such special funds as may from time to time be placed at the disposal of the Bank;
  • Borrow funds in Zambia and elsewhere;
  • Buy and sell securities, including securities which the Bank has issued or guaranteed;
  • Study and promote investment opportunities; and
  • Provide borrowers with capital and other resources for investment in economic undertakings and activities for, or relating to:
  • the creation of infrastructure
  • the production of goods or services
  • the creation of employment; or
  • such other economic undertakings or activities as the Board may determine