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Frequently asked questions

What range of products does DBZ offer?

DBZ offers a wide range of products which include:

i) Project Finance
ii) Trade Finance
iii) Rural Finance
iv) Business Advisory Services
v)  Leasing Finances
vi) Bonds an dFinancing
vii) Equity Finance

Does DBZ take deposits?

No. Unfortunately, Development Bank of Zambia does not take deposits

Does DBZ give loans to individuals?

DBZ only provides loans to registered entities such as corporations, partnerships or associations..

Does DBZ give unsecured loans?

All loans funded by Development Bank of Zambia are fully secured. The adequacy of the security is subject to a full appraisal by the DBZ appraisal team.

What is the minimum loan amount given out?

The minimum amount that we give out is K1,000,000.

Does DBZ finance start-ups?

DBZ finances economically viable projects which include start-ups.

What economic sectors does DBZ finance?

The bank focuses on key economic sectors which include but not limited to the following:

i) Agriculture
ii) Manufacturing
iii) Hotel and Tourism
iv) Construction
v) Mining
vi) Infrastructure
vii) Micro Finance Institutions
viii) ICT
ix) Energy
x) Transport

DBZ FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Development Bank of Zambia

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