• What range of products does DBZ offer?

    DBZ offers a wide range of products which include:

    i.) Project Finance

    ii.) Trade Finance

    iii.) Rural Finance

    iv.) Business Advisory Services

    v.)  Leasing Finances

  • Does DBZ take deposits?

    The Bank does not take deposits
  • Does DBZ give loans to individuals?

    DBZ only provides loans to registered entities such as corporations, partnerships or associations.
  • Does DBZ give unsecured loans?

    All loans funded by DBZ are fully secured. The adequacy of the security is subject to a full appraisal by the DBZ appraisal team.
  • What is the minimum loan amount given out?

  • Does DBZ finance start-ups?

    DBZ finances economically viable projects which include start-ups.
  • What economic sectors does DBZ finance?

    The bank focusses on key economic sectors which include but not limited to the following:

    i.) Agriculture

    ii.) Manufacturing

    iii.) Hotel & Tourism

    iv.) Construction

    v.) Mining

    vi.) Infrastructure

    vii.) Micro Finance Institutions

    viii.) ICT

    ix.) Energy

    x.) Transport