Business Advisory


The bank supports foreign based financial institutions lending to Zambian businesses and provides ordinary businesses accessibility to technical support and financial resources available outside DBZ. This is done by providing the following:
A. Pre-Lending Support
– Project Assessment
–  Feasibility Study
– Market Research
B. Post Lending Support
–  Project Monitoring
C. Technical support
– Financial modelling
– Preparation of Business Plans
– Capacity Building
D. Financial Intermediation.

Business Advisory Objectives

The mandate of DBZ is to contribute to the development of economically viable enterprises in Zambia. The broad objectives are to select projects that contribute towards:

  • Foreign exchange savings and / or earnings.
  • Development of local technology and of manpower skills.
  • Creation and expansion of permanent employment.
  • Use of local raw materials.
  • Development of a robust indigenous Private Sector.
Business Advisory DBZ

Terms and Conditions of the Facility

(terms subject to change without notice)


Pre and post lending services are designed for foreign-based financial institutions that may not have the resources within Zambia. Under this service the Bank will undertake the following activities:

  • Providing relevant information.
  • Screening of applications.
  • Carrying out due diligence studies.
  • Portfolio monitoring and control.
  • Undertaking site visits to projects.
  • Providing periodic progress reports.
  • Making available audited accounts and management accounts.
  • Advising on loan restructuring and exit strategies.
  • Providing services such as shadow management and board representation.


As financial intermediary, the Bank will link potential borrowers with lending institutions. The Bank, if so required, will also negotiate terms with the lending institutions and facilitate loan disbursements. This service is intended for the local business owners I wanting to raise funds from financial institutions other’ than the DBZ.


The Bank will provide Technical assistance in the form of Preparation business proposals for submission to other financial institutions other than DBZ This service is intended for business owners lacking the resources or expertise to prepare business plans.


Our charges will be negotiable dependent on the complexity of support required and time. As a guide charges will be as follows:

  • Pre Lending – negotiable flat fee payable upfront.
  • Post Lending – negotiable flat fee.
  • Financial Inter mediation upfront fee of equivalent of $1000 and 1% to 2% of the amount raised technical Support – flat fee.


Requests for Business Advisory Services should include the following information

  • Company name and profile.
  • The names of shareholders I directors and copies of their identities. Also include directors track record and resumes.
  • Copy of certificate of incorporation together with copy of memorandum & articles of association.
  • Copy of Vat and Tax payers identification number certificates.
  • Type and details of service required : Audited financial statements for the past three years and latest management accounts.

Apart from the above the full format of what is required is available from the Bank.