Leasing Finance


This is a term facility with a tenure spread of between 2-5 years or more in exceptional cases. The Bank will buy assets or equipment   required by the client and will lease it at an agreed rental rate and period.  Assets such as vehicles or equipment are popular items under this facility.

Leasing Finance Objectives

The mandate of DBZ is to contribute to the development of economically viable enterprises in Zambia. The broad objectives are to select projects that contribute towards:

  • Foreign exchange savings and / or earnings.
  • Development of local technology and of manpower skills.
  • Creation and expansion of permanent employment.
  • Use of local raw materials.
  • Development of a robust indigenous Private Sector.

Terms and Conditions of the Facility

(terms subject to change without notice)


  • Medium term finance which enables the customer to acquire the use of assets without initial burden of the cost of purchase.
  • Rental costs and period of the lease are agreed by the Bank and customer at the outset.
  • The primary lease period provides for full recovery of the cost of equipment/asset.
  • The primary rent period is usually less than or equal to the estimated life of the assets on lease.
  • A secondary lease period could be considered after the primary lease.
  • Customers using the assets are responsible for their insurance and maintenance.
  • Equipment is sold at the end of the lease period(s) to a third party.


The Bank will provide additional support to businesses in the form of bonds and guarantees. The main type of guarantees and bonds the Bank will issue are as follows:

  • Tender Guarantee / Bid Bonds.
  • Performance Guarantees.
  • Advance payment Guarantees.
  • Retention Guarantees.
  • Maintenance Guarantees.
  • Custom Bonds.

Contingent liability instruments will also be used by the Bank to support transactions involving construction such as roads, buildings and manufacturing projects.


The Bank will review lease finance requests from the following economic sectors:

  • Agriculture and agro-processing industry.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Mining & quarrying.
  • Tourism.
  • Forestry & wood processing.
  • Transport.


Although a lease facility is self securing, depending on the asset purchased, the Bank may seek additional security.